Affluents in the United States

The Affluent Survey USA published by Ipsos shows the growing spending power and digital adoption of U.S. affluents.

#1. The 67.5 million affluent adults in the U.S. today spend $2 trillion annually across a range of products and services. The affluent population represented nearly 23% of U.S. households and grew by 8% from 2013.

#2. U.S. affluents are heavy users of digital media. 88% of the survey respondents visited a social network in the previous week, and 70% of them visited Facebook for an average of 5.7 hours.

#3. U.S. affluents are early adopters of technology and mobile devices. 58% of the affluent population use an iPhone or iPad, a 53% increase from 2013.

#4. As consumers, affluents are highly-engaged shoppers across platforms and categories. Nearly half of smartphone and tablet owners made a purchase on their device in the past year, and 10 million U.S. affluents now have a mobile payment or wallet app, an increase of 49% from 2013.

#5. The affluent population is diverse in its generational and cultural composition. While Baby Boomers are the largest generation within the affluent community (38%), Gen Xers (33%) and Millennials (22%) combine to well outnumber Baby Boomers. Additionally, 17% of U.S. affluents speak a non-English language at home, and 11% of them were born outside the U.S.