How Boomers and Seniors Behave Online

A research study published by Google and Ipsos show behavioral insights on how baby boomers and seniors seek and share information online.

#1. Boomers and seniors spend more time on the internet than any other media channel. An average of 3,621 online searches is performed by boomers and seniors per minute in the United States. This audience also spends an average of 19 hours online per week, in comparison to 16 hours watching TV.

#2. Online media consumption by boomers and seniors is driven by immediacy and trust. Over 80% of boomers and seniors use the internet to learn about a topic of interest, and 33% of them prefer the internet as their most trusted source for news and information. Additionally, 60% of the study respondents use the internet to stay up-to-date on political and policy issues.

#3. Boomers and seniors are highly-engaged online consumers. More than 40% of boomers and seniors use the internet to access food information and discount deals, and 57% of them are regular online shoppers.

#4. Boomers and seniors are heavy users of social media. Over 70% of boomers and nearly 60% of seniors visit at least one social networking site daily. Additionally, 55% of boomers and seniors follow a group or organization on social media. Facebook is the most popular social network for this audience, followed by Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn, respectively.

#5. Boomers and seniors are also actively involved with societal causes and issues online. Over 60% of boomers and seniors have participated in an online cause or movement, and 40% of them have shared online information about a cause or issue.