The Art of Brand Loyalty: Lessons from Legislators

The news on emails released by Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton have prompted public officials to look at their online communication and brand longevity differently. The report also highlighted the growing public interest and demand for information on our elected officials.

Every elected official is a known brand, and experienced legislators are using creative content and new technologies to cultivate brand loyalty. Here are several lessons we can learn from them:

1. Campaign Messaging vs. Content Curation

The purpose of campaign messaging is to communicate a campaign’s mission and platforms, whereas the goal of content curation is to show how much you care and why you care.

Experienced legislators understand that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. They consistently curate their personal stories to showcase character and authenticity.

2. Brand Imaging

Seasoned legislators also understand that a picture is worth a thousand words, and they recognize the intrinsic value of emotional capital in brand imaging. They don’t waste time on fancy designs, and they know when to invest in professional photos and graphics to maintain brand alignment and differentiate themselves.

3. Multi-Device Compatible Contents

People often multitask when they are in media consumption mode, and they are engaging in multiple media touchpoints while they are seeking and sharing information.

Experienced lawmakers have a responsive brand strategy. They create different multi-device compatible contents, such as podcast or videocast, for their audience to consume in their own time.

Action Tip: Use Twitter’s Periscope App to live-stream video at events and to offer information on commonly asked questions. This app lets you live-stream video from your smartphone, and instantly notify your followers that you are live.

4. Quality vs. Quantity

Seasoned lawmakers prioritize quality over quantity and focus on consistent engagement with their specific audience. They are keen on managing the attrition rate of their messaging through multiple media touchpoints.