Cultural and Digital Relevancy is the New Language

As U.S. Hispanics increasingly turn to online sources to inform their decisions and purchases, brands are working to engage this tech-savvy audience with relevant content and ads across platforms and devices.

Research published by Google shows that cultural relevance is key to engaging U.S. Hispanics online. The study indicated that 88% of respondents paid attention to an ad when it includes aspects of Hispanic culture, regardless of its language, and 93% of them took action - perform a search, visit a website, or make a purchase.

Here are several ways to integrate cultural and digital relevancy into brand communications:

1. Brand Messaging

Incorporate relevant topics unique to the Hispanic experience into the brand messaging. Cultural signals, such as family, traditions, and food, resonate with U.S. Hispanics online, regardless of the language.

2. Brand Imaging

Create vibrant and identifiable visuals that reflect the Hispanic culture. People want to see themselves reflected in the visuals.

3. Multi-Device Compatible Contents

Develop a responsive website and email contents for optimized viewing across devices. A study conducted by Pew Research Center showed that 3 out of 5 U.S. Hispanics are going online primarily through a mobile device.

4. Social and Video

Use social media, video, and display to engage the Hispanic audience. According to comScore Metrix, YouTube reaches 89% of U.S. Hispanics online, and the average U.S. Hispanic spends more than 8 hours watching online video each month.