My Kind of Teamwork

As has been said, "Teamwork makes the dream work." We all have different dreams and views of what teamwork means to us. I have had the pleasure to learn from cross-disciplinary teams across industries, cultures, and generations. My kind of teamwork is an evolution of discovery and harmony of knowledge.

Constructive Criticism

Respect isn't about being silent in plain sight of a problem. That's what enemies do to each other. Constructive criticism is graciously welcome, and it is a two-way street. Productive criticism has helped me to learn more quickly and challenge myself in ways I never thought possible, and ultimately, led to better workflow and results.


Innovation isn't about 'reinventing the wheel' and creativity isn't about jumping on the bandwagon of the 'next big thing.' Strategy success depends on the foresight to stay ahead of the curve, minimize risks, and maximize opportunities for the whole team. When decision-making is measured, and follow-through is timely, work doesn't feel like work.

Good Faith Communication

The sincerity of intention is essential in communication, especially during the storming and norming stages of team building. Different cultures and generations bring diversity in value, psychology, and style to the workplace. By communicating in good faith, cross-disciplinary teams can focus on relevance and assistance and give each other the benefit of the doubt in high-stress situations.

Make It Sing In Harmony

My kind of teamwork is an evolution of discovery and harmony of knowledge. We all bring a different piece of the puzzle to the table. When we respect each other enough to practice constructive criticism, measure decision-making, and exercise good faith communication, we can overcome any challenge as a team and make it sing in harmony.