Hurricane Season Preparedness Checklist for Dogs

The 2019 Atlantic hurricane season officially began on June 1 and will end on November 30. Preparation is the best protection against the dangers of a storm. Here are some tools and tips to help dog people prepare for this hurricane season.

Health and Identification Information

Organize your dog's health and identification information in a Dog Health and I.D. Passport.

• Microchip number and description of your dog, such as breed, age, sex, color, markings, and adoption date.


• Owner contact information.

• Emergency contact information (if the owner is unavailable).

• Primary veterinarian contact information and remote veterinarian contact information (30-90 miles).

• Medical insurance policy number and insurance company contact information.

• Medical records, lists of medications, and any allergies or sensitivities. If you plan to board your dog, most kennels require proof of vaccinations.

Have a current photo of your dog in case of separation.

• As an alternative, you can get photo stickers of your dog via My Sticker Face and place them on the passport, carrier, and license.

Get a Pet Passport: Dog Health PassportCat Health PassportEquine Health Passport


Consent, Transportation, and Lodging Information

Include permission to seek veterinary care in your absence.

I give full consent for the following individual(s) to seek veterinary care for or to accompany my dog to dog service providers in my absence:

• Name of the individual.

• Driver license or photo I.D. number.

• Relationship to the owner.

• Signature of the owner.

Designate a neighbor or a friend to care for and evacuate your dog.

• Name of the individual.

• Address of the individual.

• Phone number and alternate phone number.

Include dog-friendly transportation information.

• Name of the carrier.

• Carrier phone number.

• Carrier restrictions and fees.

Include dog-friendly lodging information.

• Name of the hotel, motel, or campground.

• Location and phone number.

• Lodging restrictions, deposit amount, and fees.

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Essential Pet Supplies

• Feeding supplies, including food, water, dishes, treats, and manual can opener.

• Medications, including sedatives if prescribed by your veterinarian.

• Safety items, such as a leash, collar with ID tag, and carrier.

• Pooper scooper and plastic bags.

• Toys and bedding.

• Grooming supplies and towels.

• Pet first aid kit with pet first aid manual.

• Cleaning supplies and deodorants.

• Flea or tick repellent, especially if traveling to rural or wooded areas.


Get a Pet First Aid Kit: Full-Sized Pet First Aid KitPocket-Sized Pet First Aid Kit

Pending Storm Preparations

• Have ready at least a week's worth of essential pet supplies.

• Make plans for evacuation site(s) and procedures.

• Place stickers indicating the location of your dog(s) and supplies at entrances.

• Provide emergency contact number list easily visible near the phone.

• Provide written directions to your home easily visible near the phone.

• Put aside emergency cash.

• Keep vehicle(s) well maintained and fueled.

• Provide key(s) to neighbor or friend willing to evacuate your dog if you can't.

Find a Temporary Foster Home for Your Dog: matches pets impacted by a disaster with temporary foster homes.

This hurricane season, let's plan ahead and ensure our dogs' safety and comfort.