Password Security Checklist

Passwords have become ubiquitous in today's digital landscape. As online accounts and digital profiles rely on usernames and passwords to verify user identity, inadequate password management often leads to increased security risks for users and brands. Here is a checklist for creating and maintaining a strong password system. 

Creating Passwords

1. The password length should be a minimum of sixteen characters.

2. A password should begin with a letter, instead of a number or a symbol, and include lowercase characters, uppercase characters, numbers, and symbols.

3. A password should not include duplicate characters, sequential characters (e.g. 456, ABC), similar characters (e.g. o, 0, O), and personal information, such as pet names and birthday.

Maintaining Passwords

1. A password can be saved as a text file on an encrypted USB drive with password protection. Password manager software offers convenience and it provides a single target point of compromise for multiple systems.

2. Set a reminder to update passwords every six months.

3. Use a unique password for each account. Once a password is compromised, it can be exploited at any time. Reusing a password adds to the vulnerability of the password.

4. Secure password reset options and backup codes.