Digital media advertising and social media advertising include content marketing, design, stock image, video, or audio, ad placement, and response management. À la carte services and add-on solutions for media planning or media buying may be exceptions per client specification.

Client Review and Approval

Branded contents, designs, and digital proofs are provided for client review and approval before implementation or publishing. Multi-device navigation and testing are offered for web design and email marketing. Each service deliverable includes two (2) standard editions to accommodate changes and modifications.


Performance and analytics reports are provided to measure success and offer actionable intelligence per client specification in the signed service agreement.

Stock Image, Video, and Audio

Each stock image, video, or audio includes copyright license features for the specific service usage per the signed service agreement.


Professional translation is available to serve multilingual audiences across sections of industry.

Information Collection

Information collection is electronically processed. A service commencement checklist is provided to guide information collection based on the defined goals and needs. Data or photos may be collected by mail through a USB flash drive, a portable hard drive, or a compact disc (CD).

Payment Options

An electronic invoice is provided with each service agreement. The secure payment portal accepts credit card and debit card payments with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. Check payment by mail may require additional 7-14 days for processing. Payment by wire transfer is available upon request. Service will commence on the date the defined payment is received and processed.

Domain Management

Branded domains include 2048-bit SSL certificates and WHOIS privacy for eligible top-level domains. Domain registration is never sold to any third party. Third-party registration may be transferred for management. An inactive domain is locked and parked. An expiring domain may be renewed per client specification, or the domain will be released.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Client information, terms of service, and conditions are strictly confidential. Personal information and contact information obtained online are never exposed or sold to any third party. Client information is used only in compliance with the signed service agreement and the Privacy Policy.